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Ruislip Grab Hire Service

Need a grab hire service in Ruislip that you can trust? At Stone Ltd we have numerous 8-wheel grab lorries available and can offer a complete waste management solution. We pride ourselves in our professional and affordable service which can be used on projects of any size and in any setting, whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial. Wherever you are based in Ruislip, our grab hire service can take care of your waste management needs quickly and without causing you stress.

With our fleet of 8-wheel lorries, we can remove up to 18 tonnes of waste in just one go, which is why they are particularly well suited to big muck away projects. Our Ruislip grab hire service is also suitable to help remove waste in the hardest to reach places such as over fences or behind walls, with arms on each lorry that can extend up to 12 meters. Whatever your project, once we have finished removing the waste we will then deal with all the recycling for you.

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Our Grab Trucks Can Remove

All of our 8-wheel grab lorries available across Ruislip can be used to remove the following waste:

Our Ruislip Grab Hire Can Be Used For…

Residential & Construction Waste

Any kind of residential construction project such as a renovation, or extension can create lots of waste. Garden projects such as landscaping, or site clearance will also generate a lot of waste. At Stone Ltd, whether your project is inside or out we can help you remove the waste with our Ruislip grab hire service. With our efficient grab hire service there’s no need to separate out building materials from soil, you can get rid of everything in one go, without worrying about restrictions

Fly Tipped Waste

Fly tipped sites can be discovered at any time, any day of the year, which is why at Stone Ltd we offer emergency site clearance any day of the week to help you clear up. Wherever you are in Ruislip, we will use our grab lorries and other specialist equipment to unblock the site entrance and remove any contamination. If you believe there may also be hazardous waste on site we can remove this too, upon request.

Commercial & Event Waste

Commercial events such as trade fairs, pop-up shops and other events such concerts and sports fixtures can create a lot of mixed waste. While skips can be used to remove waste, in some cases you may need something much bigger. Our efficient grab hire service can be used to remove up to 18 tonnes of waste in just one lorry.

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